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Branding Assets

In 2008 Sharjah launched its new branding, the result of which comes from a concerted effort to develop an integrated brand to represent Sharjah, with the aim of attracting tourism and investment to the emirate. The brand encompasses a slogan and several elements providing the way forward to promoting Sharjah on the world map.

The branding has two main elements. The first set of visual elements includes a logo, font and colours. The second set symbolizes the five sectors that Sharjah embodies: tourism, business, culture & heritage, education, and the East Coast.

The branding is inspired by traditional Islamic designs that distinguish the emirate’s past and present. The colours represent key elements of the emirate.

Golden Earth Gold represents the sand in Sharjah's desert, associated with the wealth and prosperity of the land. This gold is a subtle yet traditional colour chosen to symbolise the strong trading and business ethics of the emirate.

Pure Blue is the calm colour of well-being, the blue of the sky and of the water bringing peace and harmony to family life. This colour has been chosen to represent the emirate’s East Coast.

Sun Orange is the vibrant colour of life and warmth, associated with Sharjah’s sunshine. It is an expression of happiness and excitement, reflecting tourism and recreation in the emirate.

Deep Blue portrays a sense of confidence and stability and is a colour of intelligence, chosen to symbolise Sharjah’s solid foundation and investment in education.

Purple is the colour of kings and is known to stimulate creativity. Therefore, this is the perfect colour to represent Sharjah’s Islamic culture and rich Arabian heritage.

Sharjah: My Destination

Sharjah has developed a framework that specifies the characteristics of its next phase of innovation. Sharjah’s vision is to be perceived as a centre of regional tourism, education and culture, a place that’s culturally and economically attractive.

Sharjah has preserved the authenticity of its heritage; its ancient monuments, forts, and museums stand witness to the emirate’s glorious past. The emirate offers a plethora of entertainment options plus traditional markets (souks) and modern shopping malls. Sharjah is a modern, well-developed family-friendly city. It is also a promising economic location, highly attractive for business investment.

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