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 ‘Marhabtain Training Program’ Initiative by – Industry Professional Training Department - FAQs

  • What is Marhabtain Training Program?

MARHABTAIN is a human capital development program designed for professionals who work within the hospitality & tourism industry.  The series of diverse programs set the base for many future initiatives intended to develop knowledge and skills and improve the overall quality of services.

A successful implementation of the MARHABTAIN Program will enhance the knowledge and the quality of services required for the hospitality and tourism sector,  supporting the promotion of tourism and commerce in Sharjah.  The industry will find our programs to be a long-term supportive strategy for maintaining a skilled and customer-focused workforce, with a performance driven by  economic, cultural and social values. 

  • What are the levels of the Marhabtain Training Program?

Levels of the Marhabtain Training Program;

  1. Hospitality Management Development Program
  2. Hospitality & Tourism Introductory Development Program
  3. Tourism Skill Enhancement Program
  4. Tourism Community Education Program
  • Who are the target audience for Marhabtain Training Program?

The training programs are designed for the below:

  1. EXECUTIVE LEVEL TRAINING PROGRAM – General Manager, CEO, COO of Hotels, Hotel Apartments and other tourism establishments
  2. MIDDLE LEVEL TRAINING PROGRAM –Middle Level hospitality and tourism Department Heads
  3. INTRODUCTORY LEVEL TRAINING PROGRAM –Frontline Staff of Hotels & Hotel Apartments, frontline service staff in other tourism related activities
  4. SKILL ENHANCEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM –Existing frontline workers whose product offering or service performance affects the tourism & hospitality industry.  Program also provides valuable insights for Sharjah’s university students who are specializing in Hospitality.
  5. COMMUNITY EDUCATION TRAINING PROGRAM –Course designed for Emirati locals intending to enter the tourism and hospitality fields.  
  • Is the course available or open for public?

The course is only available for Sharjah Hospitality Establishments, Sharjah tour guides in training and those intending to renew tour guide licenses.

  • What is the validity of the Sharjah Tour Guide licenses?

The tour guide license is valid for 2 years



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