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Desert Tour Vehicle Permit

Sharjah intends to provide a sustainable tourism product with a unique and distinct tourism experience in the desert areas of the emirate. This is geared towards attracting the interest of various tourism companies, specifically tour operators, to focus on Sharjah when organizing desert trips and desert adventures activities within these areas. Consequently, this would be beneficialto the tourism sector and will contribute further to Sharjah’s economy. Hence, the Sharjah government has decided to organize desert tourism activities through this project; the issuance of permits to all tour vehicles entering the desert areas of Sharjah for desert safari activities owned or operated by tour operators.

The project aims to:

1-  Organize the entry of four-wheel drive tour vehicles to the desert areas

2-  Control entry of 4x4 tour vehicles operated by tour operators without permits

3-  Implement conservation of the desert area environment

4-  Reduce the usage of residential areas as shortcuts/ pathways to desert areas

5-  Avoid/reduce accidents

6-  Limit the dangerous practice of transporting tourists using unlicensed and/or unaffiliated tour vehicles

Definition of Permit: Permission for a four-wheel drive vehicle to enter the desert areas of the emirate of Sharjah to engage in desert adventure activities after fulfilling/completing requirements for obtaining the permit


The law has been activated since 17 Sep  2017 

Vehicle Permit are as follows



6 months

AED 3,000

1 year

AED 5,000

The following documents and forms are required to apply for a Desert Tour Vehicle Permit:

For System Registration:

1-  Complete registration form

2-  Copy of valid Tour Operator Trade License

3-  Copy of Representative’s UAE Emirates ID Card

4-  Copy of Representative’s Residence Visa

5-  Copy of Representative’s Passport

6-  No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Registration

7-  NOC must be issued by the tour operator that the vehicle/representative is affiliated with. NOC must be written on the establishment’s official letterhead and stamped

For Permit Application:

1- Desert Tour Vehicle Permit application form

2- Copy of valid vehicle registration as Desert Tour Vehicle (if owned)

3- Copy of rental contract for minimum of six months. Rental period must cover duration of requested permit (if rented)

4- Copy of valid Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance (vehicle insurance is a must)

5- Checklist of required equipment for desert tour driving

6- Copy of valid Desert Driver License

Specifications & Equipment Required for the Desert Tour Vehicle

1- The vehicle age should be no more than seven years from the date of  manufacturing
2- The establishment name and logo should be affixed onto the desert tour vehicle (specifically the front doors of the desert tour vehicle).
3- The safety cage/bar inside the desert tour vehicle must meet the standards approved by the concerned authorities in the emirates the vehicle is registered  
4- GPS system.
5-  Equipment for towing vehicles.
6-  First-aid-kit as specified by the concerned authorities.
7-  The brake light in the rear part of the desert tour vehicle must be active.
8-  A gauge for measuring air-pressure in tires.
9-  A portable charger and cables for recharging the vehicle battery .
10- Sand belt.
11- Portable torch.
12- Shovel.
13- Valid fire extinguisher.

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For inquiries, please contact:

Tourism Standard Department (TSD) Telephone: +971 6 5190968 Fax: +971 6 5563000

P.O. Box: 26661, Sharjah E-mail: tourismstandards_dept@sharjahtourism.ae


Or visit the TSD Office: 1st Floor, Crescent Tower Building, 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM, Buhaira-Corniche Sharjah


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