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Training and career development are vital for any organization. SCTDA Industry Professional Training is committed to providing you with quality training services in several domains. Our programs are derived from our strategy which is focused on empowering our partners to help serve the public, guests and lead the evolution of Sharjah to become one of the most recognizable cities in the world. 


Is a human capital development program designed for professionals who work within the hospitality & tourism industry. The series of diverse programs set the base for many future initiatives intended to develop knowledge and skills, and improve the overall quality of services. A successful implementation of the MARHABTAIN Program will enhance the knowledge and the quality of services required for the tourism and hospitality sector, supporting the promotion of tourism and commerce in Sharjah.  The industry will find our programs to be a long term supportive strategy for maintaining a skilled and customer-focused workforce with a performance driven by economic, cultural and social values.


  • To be able to learn and demonstrate best work attitude and customer care to visitors and tourists in Sharjah.
  • To provide participants with data, information (economic/statistics) and updates on tourism and hospitality that will help them deal effectively with customers while carrying-out their duties and responsibilities.
  • To understand and enhance the roles, functionsand responsibilities associated with their jobs.
  • To be able to understand and provide information about events, tourist sites, festivals and other tourism-related activities in Sharjah and impart such information to guests, visitors and tourists
  • To provide high standard service delivery and performance intourism related occupations in Sharjah;
  • To enrich participants with the necessary knowledge for promoting Sharjah as touristdestination
  • To be prepared and be able to help guests, visitors and tourist during emergency situations.


Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) offer training programs that are geared towards helping hospitality industry professionals, tourism industry professional and organizations achieve their goals. 

Target Audience

  • Executive Level Training Program
    General Manager, CEO, COO of Hotels, Hotel Apartment and other tourism establishment.
  • Middle Level Training Program
    Middle Level hospitality and tourism Department Heads.
  • Introductory Level Training Program
    Frontline Staff of Hotels & Hotel Apartments, frontline service staff in other tourism related activities and establishments.
  • Skill Enhancement Training Program
    Existing frontline workers whose product offering or service performance affects the tourism & hospitality industry. Program also provides valuable insights for Sharjah’s university students who are specializing in Hospitality
  • Community Education Training Program
    Course designed for Emirati locals intending to enter the tourism and hospitality fields .

Training Schedule

Training Methodology

  • Motivational Warmers
  • Comic Book
  • Exercises and Tasks that stimulate higher order thinking skills
  • Group work activities' outcome presentation and feedback exchange
  • Case studies to analyze and obtain general conclusions and lessons
  • Dialogue and debate
  • Real examplespractical applications
  • Story-telling to reach conclusions
  • Simulation of situations followed by evaluations
  • Corporate
  • Power Point, Movies Multimedia Presentations

Marhabtain Training Programs:

Marhabtain Training Program Trends:
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